Artist statement:

   "Painting on silk is a form of art with endless possibilities. While I have experimented with many different art forms, I have found a style of expression that truly frees my soul and allows me to create luxurious and bold one-of-a-kind pieces.

"The way the colors blend and move while I am painting is mesmerizing.  Silk Painting is like stirring chocolate pudding over a warm stove: rich, smooth and delicious.

"I am a native Californian currently residing in Sonoma County.  My art is inspired by my natural surroundings. Colors and designs are often presented to me in a dream, on a hike, or even driving on Highway 101 at dusk.  By using a varied palette my work is eye-catching and will add an exciting element to your style."

Artist Notes:

"For many years I've been showing and selling my hand-painted silk art to wear in galleries, boutiques, art shows, and home shows.  I'm always discovering new ways to express and share my silk art.  This process of evolving expression assures that each scarf will be unique."

 The Process:

  I begin by choosing from a variety of unpainted silks.  After the silk is washed and dried, it is stretched onto a frame. I then apply the dye using brushes or sponges. Finished pieces must air dry for 48 hours so that the dye can be fully absorbed into the fibers. The scarf is then processed with a textile soap to remove any residual dye, rinsed, dried again, and finally steam-ironed. Each step in this hand process is crucial in assuring the quality and beauty of each finished product.

Most scarves are hand hemmed with 100% silk thread unless noted.

Enjoy and Hope to hear from you,

Michelle Sottile-Smith